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About Me

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Instructor of English (and psychology) at Cisco College. Mother to three awesome kids (who have some issues), wife, and all that jazz. Sometimes snarky. Obsessed with knowledge, books, cats, flowers.

Copyright Stuff

Please do not copy and paste my entire posts. Reasonable usage of the text for commentary purposes are acceptable, but otherwise please link back to my work rather than taking the entire piece.

My posts are automatically fed to Open Salon and Before It’s News, and also appear at Science 2.0.

Yup, I Has Professional Creds (some)

Autism Blogs Directory

New Law: “The fried chicken initiative”

We shall here by invoke “The fried chicken initiative” which means the minute someone casts doubt on someone’s intelligence because they are from the south-they immediately lose the argument.–courtesy of Kathleen

Comment Policy

Any overly rude comments and any I consider to be hostile or threatening will be deleted. Otherwise, have fun. Don’t attack people’s children. Period. Got me?

There are a few individuals (3 in all) for whom I will delete their comments upon sight without reading. They can deal with it or not, but they’ll do it someplace else.
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