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Going into the second week of classes…and I’m tired!

August 30, 2011

But it’s all good!
Ready for bed! Now, even at nearly seven in the morning.
Summer went by too fast.
It goes by faster each year.
And it’s scary, at times, what a whirlwind ride it is.
I wouldn’t trade it for the world, though.
The girls are doing well in school, enjoying themselves!
Bobby’s into his third week of full-time five days-a-week of volunteering. It’s going great! He even got to help pack lunches yesterday!
And I am back at work, in my own office.
My own office.
How grand is that?
I probably took on a heavier class load than I needed, but they’re great people in my classes and maybe I’ll start learning some names this week.
No, not everything is perfect.
But it’s okay.
Some things are really good.
Some things muddled.
Some worrisome.
But that’s life.

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