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Monday Morning Blues–What? It’s Not Monday? Frak! Redux

July 6, 2011

Monday Morning Blues–What? It’s Not Monday? Frak.

Crafted for your viewing consumption by KWombles on Tuesday, July 05, 2011 
You ever have a growl-y morning? There’s no real reason for it (okay, maybe a reason here or there); you just feel growl-y? Like you could take out some throats? Ah well. It’ll pass. 🙂 Has to be that I turned the television on.

I’ve had to hear about the royals. Who cares? She wore a dress twice! Good for her. It was a reasonable $300 dress (most people wouldn’t call that reasonable, showing once again that the New York media are completely out of touch with most of America).

I’m gonna say this. If you’re reporting on diet sodas making you fatter, don’t grin like a frakking maniac, okay? Especially if you are pencil thin (NBC Today Show). Seriously… and they didn’t even account for the diet people were eating in this study? And they did it with people over the age of 50? Doesn’t sound like a good study, does it? Middle aged people whose diet wasn’t monitored and then another study where mice were given aspartame and got skinnier but had higher fasting blood sugars.

Okay, having figured out that it’s the tv making me irritable (mostly), I’m gonna do what reasonable people do: turn it off. 🙂 And share the bits of color and interest I snapped yesterday.

 Cats adjusting to Little Dude.
 Rosie’s lining up…
 Lil doesn’t want to miss Sponge Bob’s birthday,
but was apparently not sure what day it was on.
 Yay! Clean car!
Happy Tuesday  Wednesday, people! I feel so much better. Note: skip the Today show. 🙂
Gotta say, still feeling growl-y.

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