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True Love: Bobby Finds his Kitten

June 19, 2011

How did it start, I wonder? With a glance, a pet, a cuddle? Why this one over all the others he’s worked with and loved on since he lost Ibit less than a month ago? While Bobby is getting better at verbalizing his internal state, I may never know. What was obvious yesterday morning when I picked him from the animal shelter was that he was excited, happy, and had found the one. He showed me pictures he’d taken on his phone, his grin and his hope radiating from him. Bobby said this kitten was like Ibit. He licked his hand, cuddled, purred, loved on him like Ibit had before Ibit got sick. And he looked like Ibit. He thought Nosferatu was a perfect name for him.

I smiled at Bobby and told him he’d need to show the picture to Rick when we got home. After some wrangling back at home and a phone call back to the shelter to make sure the kitten was available, Bobby and I were on our way back in to town, both of us grinning. The boy was almost vibrating with joy. We talked about names, with me trying to convince him that Euripides or Thucydides were good names.

The kitten’s name given to him at the shelter is Jethro. Bobby got him out of the kitty condo and brought him out while I filled out the paperwork; the love between the two of them, well, it was a PDA, you know? That kitten is gorgeous and has found his person.

And other than the white on the paws and gorgeous brown eyes and a Harry Potter scar of white on his nose, he looks a great deal like Ibit. This little kitten takes that keening grief and mutes it, overrides it with pure joy.

As we head home.
 Exploring his new room.





Rosie sees him for the first time.
Even Rick approves.
Jethro Ibit Nosferatu.
There’s enough name there for everyone to be happy and find something to call him.
After all, Ibit was originally Little Bit (and mostly went by Ib).
For me, for now, this new addition is Little Dude.
There’s not a bit of vampire in him, and he’s made my bright boy radiate.
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  1. June 19, 2011 11:04 pm

    Little Dude is adorable! Look at those big ears and long legs. We have three cats ourselves, and two dogs. My husband’s cat TG is his stress reliever. They lie back in the recliner together and snooze. The cats all think my husband was put on earth to serve as a cat pillow.

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