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Full Days, Full Moons

June 18, 2011

Crafted for your viewing consumption by KWombles on Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Do you ever have the feeling that time is slipping away from you? Even when you’re managing to do most of the things on your to-do list, more gets undone than done? Even though the days are going well, the kids are enjoying themselves playing and learning, the garden’s doing as well as can be expected in the scorching heat and parched conditions, my class’s papers are getting graded timely, I feel the time slipping from me, with things undone. They are at least want-tos, not need-tos, and I get to go to bed each night excited about the next day’s potentials.

Even Lily has noticed that we have more we want to learn about than time we have to do so. Yesterday, after geek camp was over, she started planning our learning time today. She wants to do the second lecture on cosmology, the third lecture of Mental Math, and the fourth one on Night Sky. In that order, of course.  I think two lectures in a day is more than enough, so I’m going to try to talk her down. Maybe convince the girls that a trip to the park would be nice this morning.

She’s carefully taking notes during the lectures, which means 30 minute lectures take about twice that, but she’s studious and happy. Rosie’s finding ways to entertain herself when the lecture loses her attention, and Bobby will drift to sleep, his kayaking trips with my dad and time spent outside watering the garden and swimming working in tandem with the lectures and long pauses for Lily’s notes to let him fall asleep.

Today, Bobby’s at the center, but Lily is insisting we push onward. She and I have been reading together in the morning and evening:

Excellent and easy to read.
Lily loves it.
Dense and fascinating,
this overlaps nicely with the first book.
Lily’s having a good time
saying Peebles and Dicke,
two of the important players,
over and over.
Before we begin, though, I’m out in the garden doing what I can before the heat and the other things I want to do force me to retreat to the house.
And before I go to bed, I check the moon, of course.

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