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Book Feast: Local Library Book Sale!

June 14, 2011

Once a year, it happens. It’s better than Christmas. Seriously better than Christmas: the annual library book sale where tens of thousands of books are stacked on dozens of tables in the civic center. The first two days, the books are 75 cents a paperback and $1.75 a hard back. The kids books are measured by the inch. Are you salivating yet? And then on Sunday, it’s 6 bucks a bag! And not a weak, puny little plastic bag, but the good old paper grocery bags! OMG!

At first, Bobby would go with me on Sundays; just the two of us, we’d wander each table, carefully adding books to the bags, and then he’d go pay and put the bag in the car while I started the next bag. And then it was all of us, but on a Saturday where the cost would keep me from getting over a hundred books. And this year, well, no, we all know I don’t need any more books, but how can I not? The kids and I were there Friday when it opened. And we had a blast:



 (These are actually worth a couple hundred bucks!)



Yesterday, Rick was with us as we hit the bag sale as it opened. And again, good times were had by all. The kids again got most of the books, but that’s okay. Watching them absorbed in reading is pretty wonderful, you know.

 Frank watching the bags come in.
 Bobby asking me if I really meant
to lay them all out across the floor.
 Quickly running out of floor.
 Rosie checking it out.
 Holy crap!
 Where are the rest gonna go?
 Yeah buddy.
Seeing what the kids picked is fascinating.
 Frank approves of the book carpet.
 These are nice.
 Gathering up their books.
Mine! (Pokemon books for Lily)
 Rosie picks one up and dives in.
 Lil still gathering, while Rosie reads.
 Lily’s turn!
Dad helps them bookmark them so we can go swimming.
What an awesome day.
Cat and kid approved.

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