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Lily’s Feet

June 13, 2011

It’s late, really late for me to be up, but sleep eludes me and I’ve got to share this. Lily’s been working at growing up fast and she’s grown into my feet. That’s right. Into my feet. Sure, her feet are narrow and mine are hobbit-like, but her feet are now one centimeter shorter than mine. She is effectively in my shoes. Seriously. For reals. I gave her a dozen pairs of flats. She wanted my heels. She didn’t get them, even though her feet looked lovely in them. Nope, those heels are gonna go to the salvation army. No way am I letting that spine get bent out of shape, those feet or arches get damaged. My girlie will not get heels.

How does a not even-ten-year-old fit into her mother’s shoes? It’s not dress up if they fit, is it?

Size 7! Can you believe it?

Now, who wants to lay bets she’s out of the 7s before the summer is over? Hmmm? If she is, I’m taking my shoes back! 🙂

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