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My Girlies and My Bright Boy

May 20, 2011

Lalaloopsie dolls take over the enterprise.
Who says kids with autism don’t engage in imaginary play?
 Rosie’s shoes (on the left) on the wrong feet.
 Rosie at the front.
Her average for the year was above 95.
She got a tee.
 Bobby successfully went into grocery store ALONE 
and bought two cases of soda and a loaf of bread.
Nothing like the pride of a job well done!
Lil (at the end) at her award ceremony.
She too had an average above 95 for the year.
Each in his or her own way, each to the best of his or her abilities, my three kids work hard to grow, to overcome their issues, to do their best, to be their best, and I am so very happy to be their mom.

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