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No Honor, No Decency: Handley Breaks His Word

May 16, 2011

Now why this should come as a surprise to anyone is beyond me. Handley shows himself to be without honor, without decency, and without facts. Offit is not a profiteer. Handley is not trying to save our children, either.

I am not hair-triggered, blood-lusting, anonymous or looking to sully an already thoroughly sullied reputation. But in case anyone missed it, Handley believes the vaccine program is poisoning kids. So, don’t ever fall for the bull that they aren’t anti-vaccine. Handley most certainly is.

Handley’s promise was to never write about Offit again (taken from Liz’s blogpost):


As you can clearly see, Handley broke his promise. He is without honor and without decency. And why on earth would Matt Carey or any sane person who AoA has decided is the enemy consent to an interview with a group of people with no integrity?


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