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Do Not Say…

May 15, 2011

Do not say your life is so much harder than other people’s lives. 
Do not say your burden is so much heavier.
Do not assume your journey is more arduous 
than someone else who chooses to walk the journey stoically.
This is not a competition for who has it worse. 
Someone else always has it worse.
Instead try to experience your journey 
without the comparisons to others (hard I know). 
It isn’t about winning. 
It shouldn’t be about one-upping another.
We cannot know another’s reality. 
We cannot know another’s thoughts 
and what demons he struggles with 
and to assume we have it so much worse
 is to deny whatever realities others have.
Let us bloom where we are planted.
Let us be honest with ourselves and others.
When we struggle, let us voice it.
When we triumph, let us rejoice.
When we need help, let us ask.
When we see need, let us offer.
Sometimes the way is not always clear.
But a kind word can open up pathways 
that were not there before.

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