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My Kids and their Gifts to Me

May 9, 2011

My girls (and the boy) handled Mother’s Day differently. Rosie was up before the other two kids and out to say Happy Mother’s Day first thing to me and she spent the day making me drawings and spending a lot of time loving on me.

Rosie and Razberry
(that’s a slide)

I love the heart personification.
Rosie also made me presents at school and had to give them to me the day she brought them home:
 It’s fascinating what they come up with, isn’t it?

 Does that mean I’m bossy?

 Priorities, people!
Lil, on the other hand, had made my present at school and held onto it and gave it to me yesterday morning. Her brevity is noticeable.

Bless her, she’s to the point, isn’t she? She toodled out after her sister yesterday with this in hand and wished me a happy Mother’s Day and was done with that. 
I’d show you my son’s art, but, well, he’s a man now. I reminded him that his grandmother had gotten them a card for me and he wandered off and brought it back to me and mumbled a happy Mother’s Day to me and kissed my cheek. He also cooked lunch for the whole family at his grandmother’s yesterday and was super proud of himself.
Making potato salad at our house.
First time grilling.

Was it a good Mother’s Day? You bet. I’ve got three kids who are unique, who keep trying, and who love me. And their super-honesty means they’ll keep me from going out in clothing that’s unattractive. Their dad isn’t big in the way of holidays (any of them), and I can live with that. Since he isn’t big on them that means I can ignore them when it’s about him and there’s no acrimony between the two of us over it. My mom takes care of the big days with the kids so that I always have a card and roses, and if Rosie’s appreciation for holidays and showering me with presents is any indication, I can rest comfortable knowing those holidays won’t be forgotten as the years pass. Of course that means she won’t really let me get away with forgetting father’s day for Rick, though. Drats. So much for turnabout.

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