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In Which I Tentatively Decide I May Yet Live

April 10, 2011

I was going to say I was beginning to feel better, but I looked away from the screen for a minute to answer a question Rick had asked, and when I turned back to the computer screen, my first thought was where did my words go? And then I realized I hadn’t typed anything, so who knows, really? I may not be all there right now, so if this makes no sense, well, it did for me.

At any rate, I’m not going to go on long here, as I think the wisest way to end this day that was mostly spent in bed is to promptly go back to bed (I should mention that if I didn’t have spellcheck, none of this would make a bit of sense) and hope like hell I’m better enough in the morning to not have to go back to the clinic. I hate going to the doctor.

Here are the latest from the garden; they’re a few days old and I can see from the windows that the garden has moved on since then. I love how quickly it can change. 🙂

 She was not happy with his attention, spat at him and left.

Here’s to a better tomorrow. Night, all!


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