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Mondays Come Too Soon

March 28, 2011

(last week)
The wee one is fully covered by the blanket this morning, so last week’s picture will have to do. She goes to bed early, and is generally asleep no later than nine, but 5:30 is still terribly early (and yet on the weekend, she’s up at that time raring to go!), so every morning goes like this. She toodles out dressed and curls up on the couch under the blanket and goes right back to sleep. Her brother’s being sweet and putting her socks and shoes on her while she sleeps. Won’t she be surprised when she wakes up? (she didn’t even notice; I guess now she’ll expect to wake up with socks and shoes on?)
I understand her desire to just pull that cover up and shut the world out for a little longer; I really do. I had years of homeschooling and the chance to do that; after Rick was up at 5, when he was in the military, I’d do just that, pull the covers back up and sleep till seven or so and then the boy and I would spend the long hours together working to unlock math and reading for him; later the girlies were added into our routine. There were distinct advantages that I tried to hold on to and appreciate at the time so that when that time was over, I’d be able to look back and say I’d lived it fully. Still, the idea of sleeping in holds allure, even if the reality is that I don’t even do that on the weekends when I can.
But back to sleepy girl and her ritual; Mondays are the hardest because the two day break makes it more difficult to move quickly and to adjust. Tomorrow will be easier on her, and each day after will be, too. There’ll be less tears, less whining and shorter naps on the couch, and then we’ll get to do it all over again come next Monday. One of these days, I’ll join her on that couch! Of course, by then it will be summer, and she won’t want naps on the couch, will she?

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