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An Open Letter to Dr. Jay Gordon

February 9, 2011

He’s such a pleasant man, really. He always wishes you the best when he comments on your post. Now, there’s occasionally a hint that he might have an occasional crack in that kind demeanor; he was a bit intemperate with Kathleen and me at Orac’s in June 09. I wish him nothing but the best, right back at him, which is why it would be nice if he’d use his critical thinking skills.

Alas, despite the increasing evidence that there’s no link between autism and vaccines, the documentation that those who’ve promoted the link have used poor reasoning skills, misinformation and at times, apparently outright fabrications, Dr. Jay continues to accept the bad info over the good.

The Salon (and the Rolling Stones) have pulled Robert F. Kennedy’s crappy “Deadly Immunity” article. In 2006, Orac wrote on just how bad a piece this was. Dr. Jay has had plenty of opportunity to reflect on this, to consider whether some of his beliefs might cause his patients harm.

But no, it’s 2011, and despite Dr. Jay’s penchant for claiming he reads Orac and the band of snarky, sciency commenters to learn from them, it’s apparent he’s missed some key lessons:

RFK’s piece was badly flawed. Thanks to a comment by Orac at Mnookin’s blog, I can direct readers to Skeptico’s 2005 analysis of the RFK piece.
Dr. Jay, one of my kids’ favorite book set and kids show is Todd’s World, where they learn that it’s okay. It’s okay to be different.
It’s okay to be wrong, Dr. Jay, and admit it. It really is. Continuing to hold fast to a sinking ship is not a sign of bravery, of character, and certainly not a demonstration of clear thinking. 
RFK was wrong. David Kirby was wrong. Your buddies at AoA are wrong. Dr. Bob’s wrong, too. I get it, you’re in the middle of all the Hollywood elites, but even Jenny’s backing away from the vaccine-autism thing, Dr. Jay. You can, too, you know. We’ll let you.
And because I just can’t resist it, this was Dr. Jay’s response to Kathleen and me in June 2009 when he wasn’t wishing us the best:
Stupid! I wrote a really wonderful post and just lost it trying to solve Kathleen’s anonymity by clicking on her name while I was in the midst of writing. You live in the USA, Kathleen. I have discovered that fact
Kim Wombles is not anonymous.
Both of you have very personal experience with ASD.
Kim, take education wherever you can get it. Scientific journals or here. I respect what you do and I respect the attitude you have regarding ASD families. Children and parents. You and have Kathleen have some pretty mediocre social skills, though. You are just as unpleasant on your home court as you are here.
Kathleen, you are boring. Repetitious, rude, insulting and boring. Perseveration and speaking louder don’t make your ideas more interesting.
I’m very happy you’ve not felt the financial strain of dealing with autism. Most of the patients I see are not wealthy enough to have skipped that aspect of caring for their children.
Some of the people here have spent their lives in disciplines other than mine and I am learning a lot from them. What a jerk I am for admitting that and subjecting myself to your witty remarks about my changing my opinions because I acquire new knowledge and perspectives.
Scientizzle, every time I thank someone I get my head handed to me again, but, thanks for understanding what I’m doing here. We all have core beliefs but there certainly details which can shift around.
Good Night, All!

Sometimes I get the feeling that Dr. Jay doesn’t think much of women. 

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