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Snow Days and a Dead Dishwasher

February 4, 2011

The dishwasher died today. Cursing it did no good except to perhaps hasten its demise. Rick and I had to (gasp!) wash dishes by hand. As he washed and I dried, he commented that it was like old times. Did I mention we go through appliances and electronics like crazy? Sigh.

So in a couple weeks, we’ll get a new dishwasher and a new laptop. Until then, we’ll wash the dishes by hand and pretend it’s old times and I’ll work around the fritzing lap top.

The kids and I (and Rick except for part of Wednesday) have been off since Tuesday. They’ve not gotten cabin fever and haven’t managed to drive me completely batty. They’ve been pretty happy, actually. 🙂

Watching Star Trek TNG, of course!


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