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Wakefield Tells Parents to Go Away: GMA and Wakefield, A Live Posting (Updated)

January 17, 2011

I sit here, at 8:01, waiting with trepidation, excitement, boredom (pick  your emotion) for Saint Andy to appear on GMA. Who will interview him? What will he say?

I shall demonstrate my proclivity for prophecy: he will say he didn’t commit fraud, he didn’t alter records, he didn’t profit, and his case series never linked autism and vaccines. He just wants to help the children.

Ah….here we go. George is introducing it. Dr. Richard Besser is providing the backstory as I type. Old footage of Wakefield saying his study raised a question mark over the MMR vaccine, so let’s watch him backpeddle.

GMA is forceful; fraud is being used repeatedly. Seth Mnookin is interviewed.

George plugs Wakefield’s book first and launches into the list of damning things against Wakefield.

George asks why should anyone trust Wakefield. Hee, and Wakefield is saying everything I said he would. Wow. Surprise. George is hammering him.

Wakefield says he has replicated bowel disease in children with autism.

He asserts:

“Wholly untrue.”

 “I responded to parents’ concerns.”

George counters:

“You’ve had your medical license revoked.”

“The weight of the evidence is all on the other side.”

Of course, Wakefield, counters that the evidence is all on his side.

George asks Wakefield what his recommendation is for vaccination, to which Wakefield replied his recommendation is for parents today is to “go away…” Okay, there’s more after that, but that’s pretty telling.


George blogged about the exchange briefly, closing with “Given all that, I began, why should anyone believe what he says now?” The simple answer to that is people shouldn’t.

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