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On the Lighter Side: "Oh, That’s big!"

January 11, 2011

I’m feeling a bit blue, so I’m going to share something with y’all that still has me chuckling when I think of it. We could use a bit of levity, I think.

My Rosie is the one who gets what things shouldn’t be said and usually manages to avoid being too honest, but the other evening, the words were out before she could bite them back. She still needs help with bathing, so I was getting my shower with her; easier to do that way, instead of standing outside the shower helping and getting soaked in the process.

I was getting undressed, and I stopped for a moment, turned and bent over to adjust the heater in the bathroom and Rosie blurted, “Oh, that’s big!” Ahhhh, hmmmm.

I turned back around and asked her, “What’s big, Rosie?”

She said,”I don’t want to say.”

I’m more than well aware that to say I’m ample is a kindness, if you ken me. So I asked her, “What, Mama’s boobs, belly or butt?”

She hemmed and hawed and said, “You won’t like it.”

My response: “I already know all three are, so which was it?”

“Ummm, your butt.”

Hee, even recounting it here has me cracking up. It was such an unintentional blurt on her part, and she knew that the honest answer could get her in trouble (it didn’t), but she trusted me enough to be all the way honest. And my feelings weren’t a bit hurt. We need to be honest with ourselves about who we are. If we are, if we embrace our own reality, our bodies, our strengths and our flaws, a child’s honesty can make us chuckle instead of cringe.

Bless her heart, though, she wasn’t willing to tell her Grandma what she’d said. She’s learning to navigate the world of home where complete honesty is accepted and not punished and the outer world where such honesty is often not welcome (my mom would have been fine with it; instead I shared the story, we all chuckled, and Rosie was reinforced that honesty doesn’t result in negatives, not with the folks who love you and accept you).

I feel better now, having chased my blues away. I hope you got a chuckle, too. 🙂

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