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Saturday’s Cats and Kids

January 8, 2011

Happy Saturday, folks! It was a productive and fast week here. The girls transitioned back to school pretty well, although Rosie was certain on Sunday she didn’t want to go back. They had a good week and brought home straight As on their report cards, something I will never take for granted and always be humbled by. They often don’t see the point of the things they’re asked to do at school, especially when it’s material they’ve already mastered, so I’m grateful they remain compliant and do the best they can. They also didn’t fight too hard on the homework, either.

With Bobby, everything academic was a struggle, and the progress was so slow and often nonexistent. Lily and Rosie have surpassed his current academic ability, and so there is a bittersweetness to all of this that I’m not sure I can put into words. It is what it is, and the most important part is that the girls understand this reality and do not think less of their brother. They do, however, think he needs to work on his spelling, which leads to long talks with them about intellectual disability, doing the best one can with what one is, and to drop it, so he forgot an “e” in the word boxes; it’s still understandable. It took me years and years to get Bobby to be willing to try to write when he wasn’t sure of a spelling and I’d hate to see that bit of progress removed because all three are equally adamant that it be done right or not at all. Ah, but that’s a bit of digression. 🙂

Bobby may not be particularly skilled in the academics area, but in self-help skills, he does well. There he outperforms his sisters, so that the three of them rely on each other for different things, each doing something well.

Bobby helping with dinner.
The work on Lily’s room continues today. Most the painting is done; there’s a bit of touch up to do on the blue wall. There are shelves to add at the head of her bed, each one the color of one of the walls, and a folding door to put on the closet. Rosie remains unconvinced about whether to use some of the extra paint to change her room. She’s gone back and forth, which is cute, as she’ll say yes to a change and then a moment later say, “Or you could leave it alone.” We’ll see. 🙂

I think it works pretty well, and it’s impossible to take in all five colors at once; you can only see three at a time, so it doesn’t overwhelm (well, at least it doesn’t overwhelm all of us).
So, kids and cats:

Bobby and Aphrodite
Rosie and Frankie

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