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Cats Thursday and Updates on the Week

January 6, 2011

Okay, confession time: I like happy, easy posts or family posts over my AoA posts. I enjoy writing about research, too, but I’m ready to never again have to write about Wakefield, Handley, or any of the reality-bashing that AoA does. And three posts in a row over these two days have been about that stuff. Ick.

So you get Cats Thursday!

 One of my Xmas presents from Mom. Awesome!

Ahhh, much better. Looks prettier on the page. Makes people go ahhhh.  Makes me happier.

These are the two last days of my “vacation”–I’ve been teaching an online class all this time (not a terribly time-consuming job) and I’ve been prepping for the classes for the spring, so it doesn’t feel like downtime, especially since much of it was spent sick. I finally feel good, and the possibilities for these last two days of break stretch before me. Do I totally veg and read nothing but fiction for me? Could I actually do that? I like prepping for classes. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself. I even had a blast transcribing 20 pages worth of notes on the first two episodes of Mythos 1 to give out to my Am Lit students, and am actually excited at rewatching and taking notes on the last three episodes. I love Joseph Campbell and could watch him over and over. Ah, he was an excellent lecturer. I aspire to that kind of comprehensive knowledge.

The week off with Rick has passed well, with each of us focused on our own tasks and stopping occasionally to check in and chat. He’s planning on painting two walls of Lil’s room today, and she will have a yellow, pale blue, lavendar, pink, and gekko green room when he’s done. Hah, busy doesn’t even begin to cover it. She has a pretty white wooden trundle bed coming, too. I’m waiting on Rosie to insist her room needs walls of different colors, too.

The circled colors; Rick’s got to touch up the blue, too.
Hopefully it’s a good match to the blue already there 
so that he won’t have to repaint the entire wall.

Tuesday, after having painted one wall purple.
The stuffed animal collection represents over 25 years of collecting.
Umm, and this isn’t half of them.
I confess:
Packrat with an insatiable need for cuddly stuffed animals.

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