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Fuzzy Fogginess: Or Wow These Pain Meds Are Awesome!

December 23, 2010

I know awesome is my favorite word right now. I’ll work on it. 🙂 My son goes through phases where he has something he’ll use repeatedly: “not to mention” and  “true” “being two examples readily brought to mind. Also, he says he’s “not built for speed” and he’s “studied your moveries.” Ah, my sweet boy! He says his catch phrases repeatedly throughout the day, whether they fit or not, so maybe he comes by it naturally. He still pops out with them on a regular basis but they’re not being used with the frequency that I’m using awesome lately! 🙂

Honestly, though, I’m in this kind of mental fog right now, from the meds I’m on. I’m not in the horrendous pain I was yesterday morning, thankfully. It leaks through, some, the pain, but the steroid shot yesterday has helped and I started the prednisone pack today. But I can’t really focus my attention, which kind of freaks me out some, as I’m usually hyperfocused and on a mission. I’ve got things to do, but no ooomph to do any of it. And that’s after my second giant cup of coffee. I can roll with it and be grateful for the pause or push against it and try to accomplish stuff. Since I had been pushing against the back over the last week, though, and ended up not even being able to put my own pants on, I think I will sit here in my recliner and embrace fogginess and scifi movies. I don’t think I’m up for anything else, honestly.

No geek camp of the documentary kind today, as Rick is home. We’re planning on recreational geekfesting: watching the 5th and 6th Harry Potter films and The Lord of the Rings trilogy somewhere over the next four days. With the way the girls watch movies (unless it’s a mesmerizing cartoon), the kids will get plenty of movement and it won’t be a passive activity, there will be lots of chattering. One of the reasons I love to watch with the kids as television watching as long as it’s not sponge bob is that it’s dynamic and filled with the opportunity to discuss things. It’s an excellent social skills training tool.

Last night’s recreational geekfesting with Lucy in my lap:

 and Animaniacs on the tv:


I hope everyone is done with their shopping, ready for Christmas, and minimizing their stress. 🙂


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