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December 19, 2010

Remember yesterday when I said the whole Wii in the same room with me might not have been my best idea? Well…let me tell you the swish of the controllers as they canoed was something else. So were the screams and colliding bodies a foot away from my recliner.

And yet, there is no more suitable place to have the Wii than where it is, and even if there were,  I still wouldn’t have it anywhere other than where I am in the thick of their playing so that I can help (they both need help at times with the controllers and making the damned little all-over-the-frakking place hand go where it’s supposed to) and supervise. They get so caught up in it that they need to be watched so that they can be directed to back away from the tv NOW! Lil’s noted the scoring, although Rosie hasn’t picked up on it yet. Lily’s noticed because Rosie outbowls her. 🙂

This is an excellent turn-taking tool; it’s great for fine motor skills, about where one is in space, about attending to what one is doing. It is a win-win in ways that the PS2 and Nintendo 64 are not.

Just remind me of that the next time I post that they’re driving me crazy. 🙂


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