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Itchy Feet and Cold Bones: Nothing Whiskey and an Electric Blanket Won’t Fix

December 18, 2010

Puffy White Clouds in a Blue Sky.
 Mabel checking it out.
 Um, no, no, you shouldn’t go to Wal-mart on the Saturday before Christmas!
I’m not going anywhere. 

Ah well, the cats are smarter than me. I’m cold down to my bones (and it’s not that cold outside here, a sweet 50 degrees with a beautiful blue sky).Wal-mart was busy. The kids were loud. Sigh. And we didn’t get everything, so Rick and the boy are back in to get the right game controllers for the games they bought for the Wii, the family’s just bought and given Christmas present. I figured in between the geekfesting of the next two weeks with ALL three kids home, the Wii would come in handy, especially since we shut off our satellite coverage since Netflix is awesomeness and can be watched over the Wii. First thing we watched off of Netflix last night after setting the Wii up? Fawlty Towers. 🙂

After this morning and early afternoon, though, I’m thinking that the Wii in the same room I’m in was not good planning on my part.  Did I mention I’m cold down to the bone? That’s not helping with mood, either. The girls have wandered into the family room and are watching Sponge Bob on dvd, so at least semi-quiet is restored. I mean, I can hear them, but at least they’re no longer climbing all over me. That and Sponge Bob completely mesmerizes them like nothing I’ve seen before. So I have a moment to think and what I’m thinking is that the electric blanket on my bed is calling my name, and the J.D. Robb I’m reading is nearly finished. 🙂

Happy one week till Christmas, people!

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