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Supporting Autistics, Whoever They Are, Wherever They Are

November 1, 2010

Facebook Page

Many bloggers are writing about the whole going silent on facebook and twitter thing on November 1. As I make the rounds of blogs on the Special Needs Blog Hop, I’ve noted that I won’t be. So many of my facebook and twitter friends are autistic. If we went silent on that day, would that not isolate them more? Bah.

Instead I say, go to the blogs by individuals on the spectrum and say hi. Read some entries. Learn what their lives are like. Our children will one day be autistic adults. We want to make sure our children have a good support system, well, let’s be a good support system to the autistic adults who are in our midst now.

Updated to include our list of bloggers on the spectrum.

Bloggers on the spectrum:

Blogs By Folks on the Spectrum

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