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Sunday Antsies

October 31, 2010

First the cool stuff.

Another one of them plants I’ve got no idea of what it is, but boy, I love it!

Seriously, though, now that I’ve showed you my critters and flowers for the day, I have got to tell you that I have a wickedly intense case of the skin jumpies today. I may have to run through the house doing jumping jacks, and since I am a rather fluffy, uncoordinated woman, that would be some funny shit for the kids to witness. Sigh. Where does the skin jumpy, itchy skin, oh-my-dear-gods-I’m-gonna-have-an-outabody-experience-here come from? Do my kids ever feel this? Is this another thing I gave them, too?

Okay, well, frak, can’t sit to do this anymore, must go run, jump, sing at the top of my lungs, otherwise expend this skin jumpy. Just wanted you to know what was behind the racket that’s fixing to be heard if you’re in close proximity. It’s not my kids this time. It’s all ME!

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