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Roses, Frogs, and Thoughts

October 19, 2010

It’s fall here; the sunflowers are done and gone. The sawleaf daises finished, as well. Most the summer flowers are finished. There’s lots left to see, though: mexican hats, verbenas, daises, morning glories, rosemary, cannas, zinnias, cosmos, roses all share their glory and offer me lots to document.

The roses, I think, are my favorites, though, as they change each day, and the variety that can be had on the same bush is fascinating.

Plus, seeing where they’ve been chomped on by insect life is intriguing, too. They are not perfect, but they are gorgeous in spite of that imperfection.

The mums are waking up, beginning their show.

The verbenas, which had taken a pause, are blooming again, delicate little purples that charm.

Such variety on one branch! And how the roses have been munched on while in bud changes how they look when they open.

Even roses done and shedding their petals offer up a raw beauty that the naked eye can so easily miss.

And then, of course, there are the frogs. Glorious frogs that my old camera did not capture well. 

Sometimes, we barely keep our heads afloat. Sometimes, our lives are filled with struggle, stress, pain, and grief. I try to store up the beauty to use as a balm against those times. My garden, my cameras, let me do this. I find tremendous joy in the garden, and capturing some of the things that make me smile and laugh lets me store it, not just for the seasonal winter, but for the winters our souls inevitably face. It lets me share some of that joy with you.
Let me ask you this, if seeing flowers, insects, froggies and other critters doesn’t make you smile, but instead has you bah-humbugging, what does that say about where you’re at? It seems to me you’re in the winter of your soul. Thelma and Louise would give you a hug followed by a whup of their purses. If things are not well for you, if you are locked in a cycle of rage, pain, and despair, so that not even flowers or that smiling frog make your lips crack into a smile, then perhaps it’s time to do something about that?

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