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Friday’s Happy Joy Joy Photos

October 1, 2010

 Gorgeous, and right by the back deck, so it’s the first thing you notice.
 Lovely grasshopper, around four inches long!
We grow them BIG here!
 Spider, spider…
 Flowers within flowers; how amazing is that?
The last hurrah of sunflowers, as they go to seed (which is not a pretty sight).

There’s a satisfaction to the end of a week, regardless of whether it’s been a good week or not. If it was a good week, we look back on it and sigh in the completion of things, the check-off on our internal list of things to get done. If it was a bad week, we’re satisfied that we’re putting it behind us, moving on to other things. Either way works. I hope, though, that the week was a good week, that the good things outweighed the bad. And that the weekend will be restorative before we gird ourselves up to face the new week.

Whatever the specific demands of your daily lives, the hassles you face, the challenges you work to overcome, I hope that there are rays of sunshine that delight you, that lift you up and make you laugh in sheer delight.


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