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Growing Feet: Will They Walk in My Shoes?

September 25, 2010

My garden girlies grow by leaps and bounds. I find it a bit disconcerting, actually, to see them change by the day, both physically and mentally. Bobby grew slowly, in all ways, and stayed very much a little boy for so much longer than my girlies are apparently going to stay little girls.

Oh, okay, part of it is probably my advancing age, as well. I had my bright boy at the tender age of 21 and my girls when I was the not-quite-so-tender ages of 33 and 35. Big difference. Back when the boy was little, days, weeks, months, even the years dragged by. Now, it flows in an endless stream faster than I am ready for it. I cannot keep up.

It’s nowhere more clear that I am running behind in this whole growing business than it is where it concerns feet. Yes, that’s right: feet. The boy’s been in size 7.5s for the last six years. He hasn’t grown any taller in over three years. We never had sudden growth spurts, except for the unfortunate six months on risperidone, when he gained over fifty pounds. My Bobby is steady, a constant in the stream of change (and yet he too makes progress–he called his transportation today to see why the van was late and handled the phone conversation well! Yay, bright boy!).

I’m not prepared for the growing my middle child started doing at the end of last school year. She and the littlest girlie were close to the same height, despite the two years in difference. They were close in clothes size, sharing the same outfits, and Lil was a size 2 shoe to Rosie’s 12.5. Yeah, that all ended in May.

Early May
Late May

Mid September
Lil’s feet were out of the size 2 shoes by the end of May. She had grown out of the size 3 shoes by the end of June. In July, she was in 4s. And then, she was in 4.5s by the end of August. Today while buying Rosie another pair of 1s, since she only has one pair that are comfortable, I picked up some 5s for Lil, thinking they’d be there in a couple months when she needed them. Oh no no no. No. No. Seriously. No. She got home; I showed her the shoes and suggested she put them up until they fit; she asked if she could try them on. Ah. Well. Crap. They fit.
Lil’s size 5 feet.

Yeah, she’s nearly there. 

Roxanne (the Rosie has many names, this is mine for her) 
gets in on the shoe modeling act. 
Same style as her only other comfortable pair, but a different color. 
Everything needs to match this teal or the other pair in fuchsia.
Sigh. Most her stuff is purple. 🙂

Umm, girl power?

My girlie girl is not even nine.
She’s gotten tall. 
I’m short. 
I have short, broad feet.
Look at her thin, elegant feet.
She is a gazelle!
I look at these girls of mine in awe and I wonder how much of the same ground will they tread as I have? What will they do, who will they be as they move through their lives? I am captivated by their journey and hope that when the Rose starts to grow like her sister (it’s beginning!) that I will have the energy to set my broad, sore, and tired feet on the path behind them and that they will take the time to reach back and grasp my outstretched hands so that I can keep up with them. One thing I know for sure, feet like my Lil’s, they are going places. Better watch out, though, because Rosie ain’t far behind! And where my girlies are, there my bright boy will be, as well, because those girls won’t leave him behind, either.

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