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Sunday Critters in the Garden and Thoughts on Anger and Woo in the Autism Community

September 20, 2010

 Grasshopper watching me closely.
 Spider above the back door.
Thought you’d appreciate a break from the critters.
 This little bugger wouldn’t still long enough for me to get a clear shot!
 Roly-poly up the wall!
 A slug? A snail without its shell? Above me! 
Who the heck cares what it is, I just want to know is it gonna fall on my head?
 Another flower break!
Caterpillar under the ivy I had just pulled off the house.
Okay, so this was three hours of my morning, working out in the garden, disturbing the critters as I neatened and tidied up the garden while Rick tackled the front garden. It was good, hard work for the both of us, and we’ve plenty more to do. I know this for sure, it beat the heck out of dwelling at the angry places.
AoA put up pieces over the weekend on two books that get most of what autism is completely wrong. Not fair, you say, if I haven’t read them yet. Ah well. Should I waste my time, read Olmsted and Blaxill’s book before declaring it wrong? I don’t think I should; I don’t think I should line their pockets with one cent. So far (just about) everything else they’ve written (that I’ve read and can recall) has been factually incorrect. Should I read the book that Dachel’s raving about, the one whose proceeds will go to Thoughtful House, the place that charges parents around 400 bucks an hour? I think not, as well.
What worries me is just how many of these inaccurate and potentially dangerous books are out there for parents new to an autism diagnosis to get their hands on, how scary it is to think that these angry places like AoA and various yahoo groups are the first experiences parents will have of the online autism community.
You might think that the critters up above are icky to come across in the garden unbidden, but think of how much ickier the experience will be for brand new, worried parents who come across comments like the ones that can often be found brand new each day at AoA dealing with things like the belief that the government and  pharmaceutical companies are intentionally poisoning our children, that the vaccination program is eugenics, and all sorts of other nonsense. Some folks at AoA now apparently think that chemtrails are responsible, as well. 
Where are people supposed to turn for good, solid information regarding autism? How are they supposed to know who to trust, where to go, who to listen to? Do an Amazon search for books on autism and most of the top hits are woo.
I’m not sure there are a lot of answers when many doctors don’t know enough about it and so many supposed professionals like the ones whose book Dachel reviewed are promoting the mercury nonsense as fact. It’s scary, far more scary than any of the insects in my garden.

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