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Really? None of my Business

September 16, 2010

I don’t know, maybe it’s the rise of all this reality tv and regular folks with a penchant for displaying themselves baring their daily lives in both contrived and naturalistic settings that has led people to think they have a right to all sorts of information. Maybe. Maybe it’s that folks blog, facebook, myspace, and tweet about their lives where the wide world or a select portion of it can read the information at their discretion. Maybe that accounts for why some folks think they have the right to demand private medical records and all sorts of background information on others.

Whatever it is, as bloggers continue to post about the Polings and comment on the case, it’s more than a bit disconcerting to think that folks feel completely free to demand information of the Polings. The comment section got heated enough at Rudy’s section that Handley had to mention it and pull comments from the piece, which saw Hannah’s mom commenting to Allison Singer’s comment regarding Hannah’s diagnoses. Twyla provided a link to the decision, in case you’ve been in a vacuum and haven’t already devoured it.

The idea that if somehow the Polings provided full medical records on their daughter, questions would end is as unlikely a thing as the AoAers giving up the fight and admitting that their various half-arsed ideas were as half-baked as they really are if they finally got that study of unvaccinated versus vaccinated kids and it was shown that unvaxxed kids had higher rates of autism.

This isn’t an argument that’s going to end ever. There’s always going to  be someone from either extreme end who has to keep it going in some odd-balled attempt to whip it out and see whose bits are bigger. It isn’t even an interesting argument once you’ve watched it play out over months and years.

The Poling case is irrelevant to the larger population; it is a specific case that applies to one person. And it isn’t any of our business what the details are; it really isn’t, and if you think you have a right to it, you don’t. It’s a court case that was settled as a table injury and it’s NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.

It is a table injury (page 2):

The Polings were diligent, they followed through, and their case was settled. It is not okay that it took them so many years to reach a resolution. For something that was set up to be a quick and fairly painless process to provide parents whose children have been damaged by vaccines, it failed here, especially since it was a table injury.

And to continue a pissing contest just to keep it going is so beyond pointless that it makes me wonder if it was always about the pissing contest instead of actually making a difference in the world at large.


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