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The Ivy Wars

August 31, 2010

Thanks to one of my favorite science-based bloggers (Science Mom) I got the heads up that, indeed, I might actually be facing a real attack of ivy.  Since Rick had not yet gotten the ivy off the windows, out I went this weekend to begin to get it off. I discovered it was forcing its way into the window framing.
I cleared the windows, trimming and pulling, while also capturing photos of grasshoppers, wasps, and walking sticks and a praying mantis, and paid attention to places where the hardiboard panels met, noting that the ivy had appeared to find its way into the seams.
Rick took one look at the places I’d cleared and commenced the war against the ivy.


Round 1

There’s lots of work to be done; Rick had to spray for bugs and caulk the seams. He’ll have some painting to do, too.

Round 2

You can’t tell how thrilled he is. :-)

I got the ivy cleared from around the door, but left it on the deck.

And now the casualties:
We’ve compromised and will leave the ivy growing as ground cover, and while we have not won the ivy war, we are on the way to getting it under control. Rick promises to paint faux ivy on the house for me, but now that I’ve got that long wall clear again, perhaps my dream of Kathleen’s and my Thelma and Louise, with Mamma H, the raisin, and the raccoon in the backseat of a red convertible can finally be realized?
Of course, once Rick started waging battle, he got a little carried away and started taking out the sunflowers, too.

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