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Joy and Sadness All At Once in the Garden

August 28, 2010

The spider is gone.
For most of the summer, each time I’ve gone out to the back garden, I’ve checked on my spider and often photographed it. I’ve admired her growth, the intricacies of her web, delighted when I’ve actually seen her move rather than perch like a statue upon her web as I weave my way around the frogs to get close enough to get the perfect shot.
Last weekend is the last time I saw her; I didn’t make it out to the back garden all week, and I can’t help but wonder where she went. I am saddened. She was magnificent. 
There will no doubt be plenty more spiders in future years, just as each year of the garden in the past has had its share of spiders. I will, of course, photograph and enjoy the future critters of each year’s garden and revel in how up close and in person I can and do get with all gods’ creatures while I work in the garden.
Today alone brought bees, grasshoppers, and a walking stick. Plenty of ants, too, wasps, and little spiders. My garden teems with life and fills my heart to overflowing with its beauty, even when it leaves me saddened at the passing of a season.
 The fish make me grin.
 I think I am madly in love with frogs.
 Bees in the chives.

 I worked around this fellow and the walking stick.

 I love how they just watched me and did nothing.
 Because if they’d have jumped, I’d have screamed. 
I am a girl, you know.
Yeah, I took this picture and got the wasp spray.
I’m not a complete fool. 

(A better version, but I still love Elvis!)


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