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Someone needs to Adjust her Shades: There’s a Disconnect at AoA

August 27, 2010

“There are independent doctors taking the lead in providing things like diet, chelation, and hyperbaric oxygen treatment.  And if mainstream medicine doesn’t wake up to the truth about treating autism, they’ll find that no one is listening to them anymore.” Dachel

Somedays, I’m just flabbergasted. Anne Dachel lives in an alternate dimension. She must, because her reality bears no resemblance to mine. Okay, I concede. Maybe I live in an alternate dimension, one where scientific evidence trumps woo. I wish.

So, I click over to look at what has Dachel calling her post “Brightness in Otherwise Dark Autism Media Coverage,” thinking that they’ve decided to take a break from their usual steady dark and gloomy, conspiracy-theorist woo fest. Hee. No, no, no. Instead, she’s found two stories where reporters report woo as reality, and promote the pushing of alternative treatments.
Okay, that’s fair, I guess, to think that when reporters agree with your view of reality that it’s a ray of brightness. It’s like when Lauer quit kissing Wakefield’s ass and got a clue, for us. 
I read a tweet from another parent wishing for a definitive answer so folks would quit arguing about vaccines. I remarked God himself could declare it and it would make no difference. It would not. Not one iota.
Vaccines are a distraction; we argue with them over it because we have to; we can’t allow them to derail the vaccination program and see our nation once again live under the looming shadow of fear of deadly childhood diseases.
Most of us don’t know what it’s like to watch a child get sick and feel our hearts stop while we wait in fear to see if this is the illness that will take our child from us. Aren’t we incredibly lucky for that? We don’t tend to bury our children from a puncture wound from a nail, from a nasty cough, or when strep throat turns to rheumatic fever. We don’t see these infectious diseases much. We don’t see sepsis often in children from blood borne infections that spread everywhere and shut down organs.
Yeah, I’m going to hope that the majority of parents with kids on the spectrum can be reached, supported, helped, and provided with good information before they decide to go all out and start chelating and hboting their kids in the incredibly frakked up hope that it will cure their child of autism. But that’s just me in my alternate dimension, where knowledge overcomes ignorance and reason prevails over rampant emotionalism.

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