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The Dragonflies Are in on it! And some Changes!

August 22, 2010

The formation rests. You’ll see they’ve been scouting this place for a week now.
This one was alone, in the plum tree by the back deck. 
This one watched me from the peach tree.
The sunflowers watched as well. 
The morning glories are trumpeting the news out to the rest of the flowers and creatures.

See, the sunflowers are all ears as they listen to the morning glories’ instructions. 
The frog’s been told to get ready to pull the plug when it’s time. 
 The spider is spinning its net to catch as we run out of the house in retreat.
Even the chives are in on it as they get their instructions from the sunflower.
Tomorrow is the big day; the school year begins! The girlies will be off to their first days of first and third grades, while I am off to the college to run copies and get everything ready for the start of my courses on Wednesday; I’m teaching three sections this time, one of which I’ve spent the last week revamping (and still have work to do to find examples of the various fallacies). Tuesday I start back to school, too, taking microbiology and sociology. It’s gonna be a busy semester, but it’s one I’m looking forward to.
We all have changes to adjust to, as Rick’s job now has him on a traditional day shift in contrast to him being on nights last year; the girlies will be riding the bus this year, and their uncle, who proved invaluable the second summer session when Rick switched to days and I was still teaching days, will be watching them a couple afternoons a week for me. 
Another change is the url for this blog, which is transitioning from to You’ll need to update your links in a day or two, as blogger says it should be complete in a couple days.

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