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Attack of the Giant Sunflowers

August 22, 2010

It was inevitable, really. I mean, you can’t go growing nearly a half acre of whatever wild flowers and deliberate flowers decide to come up and stay awhile and not have them finally decide to make a move on the house, you know.

Oh, dear lord, and I thought Kathleen’s sunflower was a big one (now you have to post the sunflower on your blog, Kathleen! Tag!)

This one has decided to take over the house, and it’s getting all of its sunflower friends involved!

The one on the left is squinting. The one on the right is blinking. It’s their way of looking incognito!

 They’re looking to the sky, and for good reason, too. The dragonflies are in on it, too.

If you look carefully, a helicopter formation of dragonflies is in the sky.

Here one perches on a branch, scouting.

 The sunflowers are moving in on the house.

The ivy has been planning its stealth approach for years and has involved the roses.

Nearly there, and then over the roof and the ivy will swallow the house.

The rose covers for the ivy.

The spider is on lookout.

Even the ladybug is in on it.

Oh my Gods! The frogs have commandeered the batmobile, so you know the sunflower attack is imminent!

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