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Putting quotes around something doesn’t make it not so

July 28, 2010

It must be a slow week over at aoa that they run a short, nasty bit on Brian Deer by “Jake Crosby” — see the quotes around your name don’t really do much, do they, kinda like your quotes around journalist don’t really make Brian Deer not a journalist. There’s no doubt, no question, that Deer is journalist. And Deer placing pictures of himself on a page called Brian Deer’s pictures doesn’t fit the definition of narcissism.

I do begin to see the problem, though. The folks over at AoA must not have access to a dictionary or a good grammar book, either. And rather than dealing with OSR#1 going off the market, they decide to attack Deer.

How about the daily newspaper of the autism epidemic cover some of the horrific stories on autism? You know, like Neli Latson still sitting in jail? Or the story about the 8 year old girl who was handcuffed and arrested at her school? What about the young autistic man who was left in the van and died?

Nope. None of that matters, not like attacking Deer and then letting the readers see who can offer a more offensive response.

I mean, really, of all the things that face those in the autism community, the daily newspaper of the autism epidemic had nothing better to do than to train Jake Crosby in hate? That’s how they reach out and help adult autistics? Nice.


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