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Thelma and Louise Visit: Autisable? or AutDISABLE?

July 1, 2010

Kathleen and I have been struggling with an issue, and we shared it with our friends Thelma and Louise for their take on it. Below is their opinion. We agreed with their assessment and have asked our feed and blogs to be removed from the site. One Wong a week is just too many Wongs or is it two Wongs don’t make a right?

Autisable? or AutDISABLE?

(Louise is up first) Well it sure has been a while since me and my gal Thelma did us some interwebz purse swingin an such. The folks of Stink Creek have kept us right busy! What with chickens an mimes an whatnot boy howdy we has had our hands full! We been cleanin and organizin an straightenin up tha mess. Cause mimes an poultry don’t set so well together iffen ya ken me. Add a couple a nuns an we had ourselves a crisis a sorts.  We had folks trying to stuff chickens inta invisible boxes and other places…people pullin on invisible ropes..nuns screamin.. feathers flyin.. Poor Sister Impetuous had to be taken to the local veterinary hospital for treatment…on account of a chicken gettin itself stuck in her holiest a places..OOOEEE! Can you say Papal intervention? Glory ..glory..Hallaycockadoodledoya!

So it’s been a while since we sat oursleves down at tha computer. So this mornin me and my gal Thelma had ourselves a chat with Miss Kim and Miss Kathleen. Seems our good friends are havin a bit of a problem. Ya see, they belong to one a them bloglists by the name a “autisable.” Now both a them ladies say they was happy to be asked to join an all. They figured it was a chance ta be heard an whatnot. For a while they was happy..content like . Till they started seein a pattern a sorts. Seems this place is big on promotin the woo and tha woe! Sayin that they was interested in “solving the puzzle of autism”. But spendin too much time promotin dumbass treatments by dumbass fools lookin ta make a buck. Miss Kathleen says she wrote to the moderator tellin him this wadn’t responsible like . So what did those fools do? They added one a them disclaimers. “We aint responsible for tha content”! Aint responsible? The damn fools post it! Now don’t that bounce my bosoms six ways from sunday and back again! Hell my bodashussness has disclaimer written all over it! That don’t mean I aint responsible when y’all is knocked down by tha bounty of it all! Sometimes my ladies want ta just break free! Ride tha wild wind! Like a rhinestone cowboy!-only with bosoms. That don’t mean I let em. Hell no! I’d be knockin folks over, an givin em concussions an whatnot. I harness my passionate puppies cause it’s the responsible thing to do! Now I’m gonna let my gal Thelma take it from here..

Thelma here, with the visions of bosoms roamin and knockin folks out, wondering how I’m supposed to redirect yall’s attention to Wong’s Woo. That’s right. Autisable seems to think posting one Wong a week is a good thing. Now we’re somewhat open to the idea of including folks and all sorts of perspectives, as long as they ain’t aiming to take advantage of others, but that can’t be said of folks like Wong, who’s selling a whole lot of woo. Wormy woo, to be specific. Man’s a chiropractor and bound and determined to take folks money in exchange for a crapload of woo. 

Every now and then, looks like Autisable will put a positive piece on, but seems they figured out that the hits ain’t to be found from those pieces. Nosiree, they figured out folks wanna read doom and gloom and miraculous cures. Nothing in between, for sure. 

I reckon I understand how Kim and Kathleen feel to know their words are over there on a site that thinks one post a week from a guy like Wong is wonderful. It’d stick in my craw, too. They’ve tried responding to Wong, pointing out that Wong’s selling woo. Don’t seem to make nary a difference.

Seems like the thing to do, when you got principles, is to stand up when you feel they’re being trampled on. Louise and I, we reckon if we were there, we’d tell Autisable as long as they’re actively putting folks like Wong on their front page and promoting it, we don’t want no part of it. 

I’m guessing our gals will do just that, mayhap more diplomatically, and with far less bosoms. Even Dolly Parton, bless her, would be hard put to compete with Louise’s bodaciousness.


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