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Bloggers Coming to David Gorski’s Defense

June 21, 2010

AoA’s latest nastiness, Crosby’s piece on Gorski, has resulted in an attempt in the comments section to get Gorski fired. I’d say that the editors and commentators ought to be ashamed of themselves, but we know that shame, along with a healthy sense of reality, is not in their repertoire.

Below are the blogs supporting Gorski or covering Crosby’s piece:

Emily Willingham, A life less ordinary?

Steven Novella, NeuroLogica Blog

Storkdok, Storkdok-NOS

Squillo, Confutata

Free Speaker, Age of Ignorance

Sheldon, Vaccines Work

Liz Ditz, I Speak of Dreams

Todd W., Silenced By Age of Autism

Kev Leitch, LBRB

Sirenity, Age of Autism? Whatever

Me, Countering…

gfish, [weird things]

Kathleen and me, at Autism Blogs Directory.

We have removed the category of blogs that AoA was in as well as AoA from the directory. Actively working to get someone you disagree with fired is intimidation and is wrong. And it’s a chicken-shit activity by cowards who obviously don’t believe in the merits of their own arguments.

As blogs are written, let me know and I will add them here.

Letters in support of Gorski, referencing his Science-Based Medicine blog, can be sent here (gosh, how nice of the AoAers to provide something useful!):

Tina Lynn Abbott
Richard Howard Bernstein
Eugene Driker
Diane Lynne Dunaskiss
Deborah I. Dingell
Paul E. Massaron
“Gary S. Pollard”
Annetta Thelma Miller and 


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