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Dear Lord, It’s Knee Deep Over There, and They Can’t Shovel Fast Enough (snark alert)

June 15, 2010

Dear Lord (oh accidental cosmos, I like to call it Lord, and I mock it not. I am an atheist who prays. I figure, let’s say there is a god. He listens at least as well as my children, husband, and various students, which is to say: not at all–seriously, I asked the boy to START the coffee yesterday, and he dumped the fresh coffee grounds in the trash. I asked him to go to his grandma’s and start his chores, and he brought me a paper towel. I guarantee you my accidental cosmos listens better. But I digress).

Dear Lord, can you please give the nutty AoAers something to do off the interwebz for a couple days? Please? Because they are currently engaged in so much mind-glaring stupidity that I just can’t keep up (and tomorrow I must begin the not-so-fun prep for Thursday’s not-so-fun procedure). Not even Orac can keep up with them. Between Orac and me, alone, over the last couple days, several posts were written on the AoAers’ shenanigans. Add in all the other wonderful people, like Todd who writes a blog to post censored comments, and all the awesome, on the ball, commentators over at Orac’s who take the time to read the (I’m sorry, two days in a row, I’ve said this) batshit crazy over there at AoA, our irony meters are surely pegged out.

I know, I know,  the inaccurate and the outright crazy must be challenged. Not all can be left to slide. But, couldn’t they take a break? It’s summer, after all. Don’t they have better things to do, like picket McDonald’s or something, for not offering gfcf products?

Ah, well. Perhaps if I write my wish on a balloon and float it away, it will come true. Or mayhaps, I pray for the wrong thing. I now mentally revise my image of my personified accidental cosmos into giant Thelma and Louise goddesses with big-ass purses and hearts overflowing with compassion. I pray to the almighty T and L of the accidently comsos, purse smack some wisdom into the AoAers, so that they might realize what complete asses they are. And take a big swipe at a certain someone in Maine who proves she’s lost it with posting a video of what mercury does to aluminum on her blog, because she really thinks that’s happening inside children when they get vaccinated. That kind of misinformation takes hard, hard work. It’ll take an all-powerful deity to knock that right out of their heads.

Anne Dachel has to, has to, has to, because she just can’t help herself, name drop all the authors and truly great wackawoos she now knows, over at AoA, before she gets to introducing the latest wackawoo she calls an acquaintance, Mayer Eisenstein. Dachel, a big fan and believer of conspiracies, writes “Despite the fact that he’s up against the powerful mainstream medical community, financially backed by the pharmaceutical industry, he doesn’t stop.” Oh noble, maverick doctor, we bow before your wisdom, your willingness to blah blah. You get the picture. Yeah, sure, read his book. Has the site degenerated into solely skewering any and all vaccines and being used for “buy my magic products” and “buy my awesome mavericky book”?

The stupid keeps playing on John Stone’s posterity piece (you know, the one where he once and for all proves he’s not running on all cylinders?). Some brave soul, Milos, spends some time (and wonder of wonders, they put it on), intelligently explaining why Stone and others are mistaken. Do they listen? No, Milos becomes the punching bag they use to prove their complete and utter lack of understanding.

Here’s some of their comments:

These first three are part of one comment by the most recent bloviator:

“- when you look closely at those gene linkage studies, there is nothing but thin air.”

“Then comes Milos and like-minded well-meaning professionals (with self-admitted lack of interest in autism sic!) who decide to inflate that imaginary percentage to 20%. Or why not 40%.”

“Milos it may well be that your heart is in the right place. Your brain isn’t though. Do a service to your profession, which is starting to take on a role of a village idiot. Before you inflate your comedy 20-40% figure any further do stop and think. As in employ some critical thinking. You may remember it from secondary school. Get those fabulous studies you think you are citing, read them one by one, read some more (get the follow up studies as well, you will be surprised what they reveal, or not) put those figures to paper and think what they might be saying. Or not saying!”

Onto others:
“Probably the most overhyped and mis-spun non-result in the whole of history. Why accuse authors of corruption when their own paper betrays the fact that they have failed to find any major cause of autism (indeed any cause of real autism at all)…”
“Haven’t we exhausted the idea that genes have anything to do with everything? Genes are the biggest over-hyped political crapola there is.”
“These “huge gene breakthroughs” are not breakthroughs in the least.”
Please, accidental cosmos, please, let the AoAers think they’ve done so well, are so superior, know so much more, that they all collectively go on vacation to celebrate how well they absolutely prove the Dunning-Kruger effect.

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