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>My Lily’s Rules

May 17, 2010


rule 1. no screaming.
rule 2. no being unfair.
rule 3. always be nice to each other.
rule 4. always help.
rule 5. everybody must try their best.
rule 6. always clean together.
Today, I am home alone. My spring semester, both for taking classes and teaching, is behind me, and I am three days into teaching an online minimester course in general psychology. This is the least busy I’ve been since last August, and it’s lovely. I spent this morning cleaning, making right the chaos that had managed to accumulate since the winter break. 
I found the above list, done by my eight year old, in the playroom. The garden girlies love tape, love drawing and writing, so it’s not at all unusual to find new pieces taped to the walls in their rooms. This one, though, I think you’ll agree, is something to get teary-eyed over. I don’t know where the rules came from, whether they are classroom rules, social skills club rules, rules from a story my daughter read. I’ll ask her, later, when she gets home. Wherever they came from, they show that she has internalized them and is trying to share them with her siblings, to impose some order, some ground rules. 
They’re good rules. Too bad we don’t all follow them more often.
  1. May 17, 2010 8:07 pm

    >I think this would be a good time to leave magazine articles about lady Supreme Court judges around.

  2. May 17, 2010 8:12 pm

    >what a smart and wonderful girlie girl you have! 🙂

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