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>Warped Reality

May 6, 2010

>”The truth is their efforts are a travesty.  They show no interest in the suffering of countless children.  They’re not alarmed about children who were talking and potty trained as two year olds and are now non-verbal and in diapers as teenagers.  They’re not interested in why so many autistic children have seizures and bowel disease.” —Anne Dachel 

What do the AoAers expect when their view of reality is skewed so far from what the experts in the area report (your favorite wackaloons who create their own IRB boards and publish in places like Medical Hypotheses or special-made journals don’t count except with folks like the AoAers and others in the vaccine camp)? It’s not like they’re going to hear much out there that reflects their warped conception of autism.

These are people who have spent their careers studying autism, who are considered the top of their field and should have considerable clout, but the AoAers don’t like what they have to say. They never will.

 I don’t know why the folks over there continue to warp, twist, mutilate, and mangle beyond all recognition what autism is, what good it does, what changes for the better they could possibly think they are going to make. I don’t even know if their twisting of the spectrum relates to their own children. What I do know is that they exist in an echo chamber over there and that in the year I’ve been reading their stuff as it’s gone live, and having backtracked and read their pieces since they started (ughh), there’s been a definite shift to more extreme positions, both by the editors and contributors and those who comment. It’s a real live experiment in group polarization and group think. And anyone on the outside of that gets demonized, anyone who thinks to question their assertions has to be wrong and a shill or a sheeple.

As long as their focus is on demonizing autism and anyone who disagrees with them, as long as it’s about them and not helping make the world a better place for their children, as long as they can play the martyr-me game and go around helping to sell the woo products that may in reality be contributing to physical complaints their children may have, well, they aren’t going to reconsider any of their positions. They know it’s vaccines, and that’s good enough for them. They’ll just keep rolling along self-justifying and rewriting their pasts to suit their more extreme positions of the present.

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  1. May 6, 2010 6:38 pm

    >Kim, you are the best! I do not understand how these people can spin the way they spin-but I am starting to believe that all those accusations they throw at us for being 'shills' and 'sheeple' are reflections of their own motivators-because I am with you-there doesn't seem to be any possible motivation. I cannot fathom what they have to gain with the lies, twists, mudslinging etc unless it is $$ from selling the woo.

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