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>All You Needed to Read from McCarthy to Stop Listening

April 30, 2010

>”My concern is not so much about any viruses, honestly, Evan will acquire. My major concern is the fevers that he might get from the regular flu. That is much more common and scary to me, because Evan still has his seizure disorder. The last one was over six hours. We had to put him in a phenobarbital coma for three days in order to make him brain-dead so he wouldn’t go into cardiac arrest. To me, the common fever scares me.
I’m not so much concerned about taking him overseas and flying him to certain places. My concern is as scary as a sneeze from someone else. That’s due to his injury. So my concern lies elsewhere other than diseases.”
Frontline interview

On the plus side, we know why AoAers love her; she makes as little sense as they do. Oh, and listening to her answers and comparing her written pieces, well, you know, there’s a distinct difference, isn’t there? I mean, the written pieces are still wrong, but not nearly as, ummm, wrong (kind wording here) as this interview. Wow. On so many levels, just really, wow.

  1. April 30, 2010 1:01 pm

    >Argggh! How do these people not understand this thing about the air travel?! The point isn't that Evan can be exposed to vaccine-preventable illnesses when HE travels the world, the point is that people from all over the world fly TO Los Angeles, could be carrying polio, and are standing right behind Jenny and Evan in line at the gluten-free organic market.

  2. April 30, 2010 4:59 pm

    >my recollection is that in the past Jenny McCarthy told the press she was homeschooling Evan to keep him away from infectious diseases since they could cause seizures.Keeping him out of school to avoid diseasesm but fly him to countries where diseases are endemic?

  3. April 30, 2010 9:44 pm

    >I think what she's saying here is that travel is the last thing she's worried about, i.e., it's not even an option for her son because he's apparently too fragile. My point is that for someone afraid of even a sneeze from a stranger, she should be especially worried about infectious disease coming over here from abroad. If someone did bring polio or rubella to California and passed it on to Evan and Evan passed it on to all the other unvaccinated autistic kids in Jenny's community and those kids passed it on to their unvaccinated siblings and they passed it on to people for whom the vaccine was not effective… Absolutely devastating.

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