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>The Ladies of RFID Note That Smockity Apologizes

March 31, 2010

>If you somehow managed to miss all the hullabaloo last week, well, googling or looking through the posts compiled at Liz’s will get you caught up. Smockity apologized today. Good enough for me.

Folks who reacted by sending ugly, threatening emails to her should maybe take a step back, look at their actions, and consider doing the same. It’s okay to get mad; it’s okay to express that anger and that pain, but there are boundaries that are not acceptable to cross, and threatening another person is one of them. I’ve been on the receiving end of threats (thankfully, not many), and it’s no fun.

When someone can own their mistakes and make amends, it behooves us to get it right, accept the apology and move on. I think I can speak for Thelma and Louise and Kathleen and say that we wish Smockity well, and we hope the next time she runs across a child and caregiver interaction like that, she’ll show the compassion, patience, and love that Christ himself would have bestowed on them.

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  1. March 31, 2010 2:10 pm

    >Yes! It is time to move along..I'm glad we were able to reach her..and I hope that people let this go. Time to move forward..:)

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