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>As World Autism Awareness Day Approaches, Age of Autism Shows Us They Don’t Get It

March 30, 2010


They are the Nazis. Sitting back and watching generations of children be harmed and killed from poison in vaccines. Doing nothing, and actually trying to make it worse. They might as well pick 1 out of every 100 kids and gas them. That is more humane. The idiot who made this clip would have made better use of his time jerking off –b/c that is the equivalent of the message they are sending out.  —AoA commenter

April 2, World Autism Awareness Day, will soon be here, and bloggers in the autism community are writing posts relating to the day, to the month ahead on raising awareness, of the work that remains to be done in society at large to create an environment of acceptance, appreciation, and accommodation for those with autism.

Over at Age of Autism, they’re bent out of shape (when are they not?) over a parody of a scene from a movie involving Hitler having a huge hissy fit; it’s been parodied many times for many different subjects. This time, though, the anti-vax movement– Handley et al.– are being parodied. Ah well. It is funny, as all the parodies tend to be. It is a huge rant that Hitler is in the middle of, with all sorts of people standing around watching him with worried looks on their faces. I’ve already said no one should call these parents Nazis, and I honestly didn’t read it as such, just as I didn’t look at any of the other parodies of other groups as equating them to Nazis. But the Nazi gambit isn’t new to AoA; it’s one they regularly dust off.

It’s interesting that AoA is so sensitive about this, so sensitive in fact that they feel the need to immediately post a picture on an emaciated young man on their blog (thanks to a friend for pointing out the inherent irony there).  I guess the folks over at AoA think serving up a baby at Thanksgiving is hilarious and acceptable, as is writing that Nancy Snyderman was under the table (since she wasn’t pictured) giving Offit fellatio.

Was the video in poor taste? I’ll let you be the judge of it, but considering the rhetoric over at AoA from its editors and commenters, the question of whether they engage in foaming-at-the-mouth rages over things seems moot. All one has to do is read the comment at the top to realize that these folks aren’t operating in objective reality. All in one day, they managed to let on comments that called Ari and individuals on the spectrum who advocate for themselves sociopaths, and nastiness like the above.

Now, if AoA were an unmoderated blog where anything and everything got on and stayed on, I’d have less of a quibble, but this is a censored blog where the editors examine the comments and intentionally choose some and reject others. Hmmmmm. I find that the most interesting thing of all.

Oh, and anyone who thinks it would have been more humane to kill children than have autistic children needs some serious help.

  1. March 30, 2010 11:48 am

    >Kim,I watched the Hitler video. Honestly, I was more interested in what was really being said by the actors…what was Hitler saying?I watched it again, to read the captions and it was pretty funny…I also thought it was very hypocritical to complain about this parody, when in fact, it was AoA who took a traditional Thankgsgiving picture and served up the baby instead of turkey….They might have removed it from their blog….but….My take on this was how very similar the rants are of the two characters being portrayed "Hitler" and "JB" and how very similar their "followers" are…"The ravings of a mad man…that is what fear can whip people into…make people afraid of something completely manufactured and you can make them turn into cold-blooded killers"…that is what Lisa Kudrow stated when she found out her ancestors were gassed by Hitler's doings..I think it fits in how AoA stirs up their followers…Heck, I bet a DAN! conference is right up there with a good old fashioned Southern tent Revival!!!Follow us and YOU WILL BE SAVED !!

  2. March 30, 2010 11:49 am

    >Sorry,Meaghan is still logged on and I have yet to have my coffee..even weak coffee would help me now..

  3. March 30, 2010 12:05 pm

    >hahaha. :-)that's okay. Weak coffee, I guess, is better than none at all. Must be, since I'm on my third giant cup of it and was too lazy/unmotivated to dump the pot and start over.

  4. March 30, 2010 4:50 pm

    >I suppose I'm guilty of the Handley/ Hitler comparison, as my page for him at "Evil Possum" includes a vintage Ted Geisel cartoon of the world thumbing their nose at Hitler. My take on the comparison: "Handley is worse than Hitler- not more evil, less competent."

  5. March 30, 2010 7:08 pm

    >Here's a "comment" posted to Heckenlively:Thorsen's "disappearance" is, for all practical purposes, a hoax created by K. Burgemeister. I took the AAN article which amended "disappeared" to "left Denmark" as evidence that this fiction was being dropped, but now you are bringing it back up again. Therefore, I can only conclude that you are knowingly promoting a hoax.Also, there's no statement as to how much money Aarhus actually paid, but it was probably less than the full amount of the disputed grant. There's also no evidence that Aarhus even suspects that money was taken or spent on anything other than the research for which it was (mis)appropriated.Finally, tell Olmsted to retract and apologize for threatening LBRB over my articles arguing the story is a hoax. Otherwise, I will investigate my options for suing him for libel.

  6. March 30, 2010 8:22 pm

    >I made a post with the Hitler video embedded in it and made the title of the video the title of the post so that it would come up in the Google search and so increase my traffic. It worked.Personally, I think that the Hitler comparisons are only a little bit accurate for AoA compared to those for AutSpks. However, I agree with Meaghan that in the case of AoA, it's the pot calling the kettle black, or rather the pot calling the gray potholder black because the Thanksgiving picture was way more extreme than the Hitler video.

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