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>Conflating the Issue: Not Wanting Bunk Treatments is NOT the Same as Not Wanting Treatment

January 26, 2010

>Stagliano really didn’t appreciate having her use of a barely tested industrial chelating agent on her children called into question. At all. Of course, if you were sprinkling something that had no published studies on it, didn’t pass the sniff test with the FDA, had a one page faq on its safety, all in the misguided belief that it would cure your children, especially after you’d hawked it on your newspaper blog, you’d be defensive, too. You come off looking at best like a hypocrite since you’ve called for more studies, more studies, more studies. Never mind that there are countless studies on vaccines’ efficacy and safety. They didn’t promise to cure your children of autism and lift the burden you feel right off your shoulders like the bastions of woo do.

So, how can we be surprised with Stagliano’s latest offering, “75 Year Olds with Cancer Get Treatment. Autistic Toddlers Doomed To Diagnosis For Life?” We’ve read AoA; we’ve read Stagliano, haven’t we? We aren’t surprised at all. Mildly impressed at her ability to twist things to fit her skewed version of reality, though, aren’t we?

“There appears to be a concerted effort to make sure autism is seen as untreatable, and to paint those of us who dare treat our kids as fools.”

And yet, I don’t know of anyone saying autism isn’t treatable. I don’t know of anyone saying we shouldn’t work to help our children achieve their potential. As to painting quacks willing to do anything to their child to make them into the idealized version of normality fools, I’d disagree. That behavior doesn’t make them fools. It makes them desperate. It makes them dangerous. It undoubtedly pushes some of them over the line into abusive, but it doesn’t make them fools.

Now Thelma might argue that they’re dumbasses, all the way around, but we’d have to ask her.

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  1. January 26, 2010 10:17 pm

    >Well don't that just shake my rump all counter clockwise an such! I aint never heard no one say autism wadn't treatable..It's in how y'all look at an treat it that seperates the person from the dumbass iffen ya ken me.

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