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>Carole Reynolds Speaks Out on Zakh; Herd Immunity is NOT responsible for autism

January 6, 2010

>Reading the 5News Community message board concerning Zakh Price is an illuminating (and not in a good way) experience. Now, I’ve wondered where AoA is on this story because so far they’ve been silent while the neurodiversity world covers this, floods this throughout the blogosphere. Of course, Jonathan Mitchell finally picked the story up, but only after Ari Ne’eman issued his call for people to email the school principal and distict superintendent. Now, what makes no sense is that Mitchell’s focus remains on Ari and displays no concern for the mistreatment of Zakh. Mitchell writes “perhaps the charges could be dropped.” It’s so wonderful to see such compassion, such empathy, such understanding from you, Mitchell, instead of your typical perseveration over all things Ari or Dawson. Oh wait, that’s right, your focus is one-track as usual. These school personnel try to physically restrain the boy, but he gets arrested? And you think that “perhaps the charges could be dropped”?  Oh, that’s because you think this is what happened?: “It was a boy who actually assaulted people and resisted being restrained and inflicted injury on people and he was charged criminally.”

What about what the grandmother says happened?

In Carole Reynold’s words:

“I’m Zakh’s Grandma. I am willing to send the proof of the FOUR documents stating he has Atypical Austism, PDD, PDD NOS, Austism. None of these are from the school district because they will not run the proper tests.

The last mental facility he was in Habberton House, also diagnosed him as PDD! He just left there 5-09.

Even with all this proof the district continues to deny his autism. They had their own SHILL of a neuro psychologist that was suppose to test him, but hardly did anything. He states his own tests are invalid because he couldn’t get Zakh to cooperate. He also states that none of his prior mental hospitalizations did him any good.

THEN the clincher, he gave an educational recommendation that Zakh can NEVER be in a public school and should be sent BACK to Habberton House!

He was NOT in the Juvenile Court System, he was in DHS custody. He is now out of their custody.

He has been in the SCHOOL DISTRICT since 1st grade. (Except 2 1/2 yrs illegally placed in mental hospitals that are not licensed to treat Autism). His brothers and sisters have been in the school district as well. He was at Beard Elementary when taken from school by the DHS. All 6 kids were taken from school, no reason given. Even had police there but no official paperwork saying they could take the children. 4 of the 6 children are diagnosed with autism. After TWO HOURS the parents were called to come and get the kids…they’d been reported for ‘suspicious bruising’ but was determined to be NORMAL bruising. Because Zakh was falling apart (he was only 8yrs old) they SEPERATED him from his brothers and sisters causing a mental breakdown of this child! This child was also the one we were demanding services for from the school.

After 2 1/2 yrs, medicaid quit paying as they felt he was being institutionized wrongly and quit paying. No money…ok…he can go now.

The reason he has been at this school for 3 months is because he got out of Habberton House in May and school didn’t start til 18 Aug. 2009. And for December they have him HOMEBOUND schooled for a whopping FOUR HOURS a week, even though he can hardly read, write etc at 11 yrs old.

We have a chart that shows the last 3 years he REGRESSED instead of learning.

I have nothing to hide.

I can not believe a popular LOCAL reporter would spread that slander without talking to me and finding out what was going on.

Whoever ‘leaked’ the info is viscious.

Darren Bobb from Channel 5 called me and acted oh so friendly, wanting to find out what was going on because they were inudated with calls from people outside of the city who had no right to call them.

He said that the Principal didn’t file the felony, that it is something the Prosecuting attorney does. If this is true (I don’t know yet), then the school encouraged the ‘good ol boy’ to file it.

The teacher and Principal chose to go to the designated ‘quiet’ area for him. They chose to restraint him when he tried to flee that area because they had it blocked. He went into fight or flight. He kicked the Principal ONE TIME and the teacher he pushed her out of the way. I have an interview I did with the teacher where she states “I fell into the bookcase”…not that she was pushed into it.

When Darren Bob called, he made no mention of his campaign against me. He DID tell me his wife is a special ed art teacher at Tilles Elementary in the district. Is that where he got his incorrect information from?


So, Mitchell, what do you say to that?
Back to the 5News board, though. One AoAer showed up, Bensmyson, to be his typically self and writes:

“This young boy represents one out of every 71 boys in this Country who have been diagnosed with autism. This is the future, this is the epidemic each of you are responsible for as the direct result of herd immunity. Get used to it because as long as ignorance and denial continues to fester in your school system and children like Zakhqurey are victimized by the school system it will suck dry the tax dollars you work so hard for. Every lawsuit, every court ordered change in the system, every time a school fails a child millions of dollars may have to be shelled out to compensate and to come into compliance with the law.”

Nice. Jonathan, you screwed the pooch on this one. And Bensmyson, as Thelma would say, dumbass.

  1. January 6, 2010 9:46 pm

    >Kim, as usual you get it wrong. You have just presented one side of the story. I would like to hear the school district's and the injured teacher's side also. I did say in my post that from what I do know about the incident (the same one-sided story that you report) that in all likelihood I would be in favor of dropping the charges against the child. It seems a waste to prosecute a disabled child for such a thing. Of course, unlike you I would want to know all the facts. It is sad this boy has to be disabled, that ND's such as yourself would oppose giving him a cure if one were available and that your hero Ne'eman believes curing this boy would be morally reprehensible. What is relevant to my post on the subject is Ne'eman's totally inconsistent views on the subject, first saying that persons with autism should be held accountable for their behavior and no diminished capacity criminal defenses should be employed (naturally you forgot to mention that I would probably be in favor of a diminished capacity criminal defense in this instance which I said in the post) and now saying the boy should not be held responsible for his behavior. Again, as is par for the course for you, you get it wrong.

  2. January 6, 2010 9:46 pm

    >Holy crap. Thanks for posting this Kim. . These damn fools like Mitchell and Bensmyson(sickening opportunists) using this boy, this child as a platform for their ridiculous rhetoric. It is abusive and just plain wrong. This boy and his family need our support. It is imperative that we educate people-so situations like this never happen again.

  3. January 6, 2010 9:58 pm

    >Mitchell,You said perhaps. You also spewed a whole lot of garbage. I'm for all the facts, something you are not. You aren't even for reading comprehension, Jonathan, despite the ample amount of time you spend here. How have you missed the numerous posts where I have written I would be for removing the disability? How can you even justify the nonsense you spread?Yeah, your perseveration on Ne'eman is more than a little odd and inappropriate. The school personnel restrained the young man. He pushed back, and I'd like to see you tolerate physical restraint without lashing out. And then the school over-reacted and had the ELEVEN year old arrested and booked into juvenile detention. What is right about that? Hmmm? Had Ne'eman and the neurodiversity community not been all over this, how would your take on this have differed? Oh wait, that's right, you only comment on autistic people having something bad happen to them when it gives you the opportunity to rail against the neurodiverse community. You don't stand up for or advocate for better care, treatment, or respect for autistic people. You whine, bitch, moan. That is all you do. You are an empty suit, worse than Lurker. You could do more, you could use your voice to advocate for autistics, but you do not. You should be ashamed of yourself.I'm going to blunt with you, bud, as long as YOU think I've got it wrong, I'm going to rest pretty darn comfortable.

  4. January 6, 2010 10:19 pm

    >Mitchell responds on his blog to my comment with a link to this blog and that he screwed the pooch on this: "Kim: As usual you get it wrong. The grandmother's story as to what happened has no relevance to this post. The subject of this post is Ari Ne'eman's inconsistencies in saying on one hand that autistics should be held accountable for their bad behavior and then saying something entirely different in this case. Such lack of insight seems par for the course for you."January 6, 2010 1:38 PMMy response on Mitchell's site:Insight, yes, you're dripping in it. You no more reported the "whole story"; we don't have that. You didn't even have the grandmother's side. Where your focus SHOULD be on the child, where your concern should be for the child and his well-being, it is instead on whether Ne'eman is consistent. I'll grant you this, you're consistent.I think most of us would agree that insight isn't a problem area for me.

  5. January 6, 2010 10:44 pm

    >It is sad this boy has to be disabled, that ND's such as yourself would oppose giving him a cure if one were available and that your hero Ne'eman believes curing this boy would be morally reprehensible.If he wants a cure then can have a "cure" or whatever bullshit and pseudo-science that passes by your standards a cure. If he doesn't then he doesn't. You won't respect that but that's ok. What I am against is the NT rhetoric that they have the choice to cure the poor broken "retards" they persecute on a daily basis. We're too ignorant or disabled to make choices, so they have to make them for us. That my friend is fucked up.The fact you can't see that shows how as privileged white middle class male; will never know what it's like to be oppressed. As for Zakh (I'm gonna say that Zakhqurey is a freaking stupid spelling) it's too common of an occurrence, it happens all the time. And considering it's frigging Arkansas. Well no shit. It's too common place for me to be angry about it or surprised. Then again people like Mitchell and Best continue to feed my misanthropy.

  6. January 6, 2010 11:52 pm

    >Holy crap! What is wrong with you curists? This isn't about finding a cure, this is about a boy with a recognised condition who was cornered by two adults and who fought back in sheer terror! They have no right to take this boy away in handcuffs and have him charged with felonious assault! Simple as that!!! Do you have any idea what it would take to cure Autism??? There's more to it than mercury in the brain!!! I don't care how much you think I'm being paid by the drug companies to say it, cos I don't see one single penny of their bank rolls!!! Get off your high horses. To cure Autism you would need to remove all the extra brain cells that Autistic people have, it's why they have troubles reaching their milestones, it takes longer for them to figure out which braincell connections work the best as they grow and learn. You would also need to increase the flow of information between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Autistic people have a disadvantaged Corpus Callosum, some have none at all, this also is the reason why there are more Autistic boys than girls. Female brains naturally have a larger corpus callosum to start with, so if there's is disadvantaged they have just that little bit extra compared to the boys anyway, so it's not such a problem for them! It's not due to mercury poisoning. Autism existed long before it was recognised as Autism! In the days of old the common theory was that Autistic children were 'changelings' which inspired a great many stories about changelings from those days of yore. Show me your published studies on your beliefs, all I can find are blogs by fanatical paranoid people who think the world is being payed by the drug companies to tell lies!!! Wouldn't it be cheaper for the drug companies to admit your version of the truth rather than pay the rest of the world a nice tidy income to keep the lies burning??? Get a grip on yourselves! Autism is not a disease, nor is it a sickness. It's a condition of the brain. Do some proper research and open your eyes to reality.

  7. January 7, 2010 12:25 am

    >Zakh's Grandma wrote If you KNEW what damage mental hospitals do to these kids you would never recommend it. We wanted to homeschool him and Judge Hewitt refused it. So because he isn't being provided with the aides by law he should have, thus he has meltdowns his life is unimportant.You don't know all the damage FT SMITH SCHOOLS have done to this child. I agree.I was so screwed up by my autism,that there was no way I could have functioned in school, and the ritalin,and antipsychotic drugs I was given only messed up my mind even more.It was not until fairly recently that I started on the MB12,CoQ10,Omega3,and aminos, did the chelating,and changed my diet,that my mind could function as well as an Aspie.It's no wonder I spent all of my time in school eloping,head banging,or seeing psychiatrists,who were no doubt every bit as incompetent as the ones Zach was seeing.The treatment of autistic kids in the schools sucked forty years ago,and it doesn't look like it's improved any.This poor kid is sick,every bit as sick as if he were epileptic or had cerebral palsy (Which also doesn't always cause intellectual disability.)He needs treatment to get better,like I have,he doesn't need to be restrained,arrested,or have "his behavioural challenges respected".Nightstorm said… What I am against is the NT rhetoric that they have the choice to cure the poor broken "retards" they persecute on a daily basis. We're too ignorant or disabled to make choices, so they have to make them for us.Tell that to ND parents of nonverbal autistic children,who assume their child does not want to be cured… or treated.People with Asperger's have no right to speak for those with autism.They are not the same condition,regardless of what the APA says.

  8. January 7, 2010 12:39 am

    >Roger-ya just got through tellin me all bout your inflamed bowels over at my I wouldn't be glorifyin all tha supplaments yer takin..and here ya go again..sayin how awful the mental hospitals were and at the same time sayin "his behavioural challenges don't need to be respected" Well hell Roger darlin! They wadn't respected and look all at what happened!! You sayin that's o.k.?

  9. January 7, 2010 12:43 am

    >Roger, don't rightly reckon that new stream of supplements and such are workin too well for ya if ya can forget already that ya done eloped at Christmas: "As have I.This can also be said about what happens when you elope,as I did just on Christmas Day,in subzero wind chills.You are really not aware of what you are doing,or where you are.I am just lucky that I have chosen to direct my violence towards property,or myself,instead of other people.", onto other matters, ifn ya rightly think that folks with Asperger's diagnoses can't be speakin for folks with autism, what ya reckon about folks who didn't have enough symptoms to even get that AS diagnosis, the folks with just PDD?"I guess I am somewhat unusual.I recently received an official diagnosis of PDD-NOS,as an adult.As a child,I receive a number of different diagnoses,both of psychiatric,and of developmental disorders.As a child,I basically had classic Kanner autism,but without retardation.I also have multiple lifelong autoimmune issues.I have a rare chronic meningitis syndrome.I have a past history of childhood interstitial lung disease and pneumonia.I have inflammatory bowel disease,recurring labryinthitis,rheumatic heart disease,and severe reactive arthritis."Ain't that what ya said back in 2008 at

  10. January 7, 2010 2:02 am

    >So Rog? You fully employed? Do you get a payecheck every week, maybe every two? What's it like being fully independant? Because Rog. Despite me being asperger. I'll never have that. I don't have the money for woo and homopathy like you. I can't afford a pretend cure like you. I don't even know if I am going to be on my own or in a group home. So you can stand here and go on about how I am not "autistic" to you, but you can call me a godless faggot too. I don't give a shit because it's easy be brave when you're not sucking the government's cockSo. Fute te ipsum..

  11. January 7, 2010 2:05 am

    >I just went over to Mitchell's blog, and replied to his main point, about Ari's "inconsistencies". I know he won't print it, so -No, we don't want autism or Asperger's to be an excuse in the court system, but this should never have come to the attention of the court system, as it was the failure of the school system to provide the accommodations the boy needed, and had a right to. It was the school that behaved criminally in this case.It was accommodations that the boy needed, but didn't get. He was harassed while having a meltdown. Everything after that is the fault of the adults present.I'm constantly amazed at what a flaming asshole you are.

  12. January 7, 2010 4:25 am

    >I have compared the notion of autism being associated with violence and/or "aggression" with scientists who concluded Tasmanian devils were ferocious: The latter reached their conclusion based, essentially, on how a devil acted when poked with a stick!

  13. January 11, 2010 2:45 am

    >Anonymous, you want your comment to show up, you'll have to put a name to it.

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