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>Corina’s Art and Interview

December 23, 2009


Corina Becker is featured in Living With Autism Winter 2009, put out by Kerry’s Place Autism Services; she’s provided her full answers to the questions and some of her incredible artwork

What is the most rewarding thing about creating your artwork?

The most rewarding thing about creating my artwork, I think, is the process. To stand back and look at a completed piece, and to have it complimented is a great feeling, but I think it’s the process that makes it the most rewarding. To create artwork is both work and fun. There are difficulties in getting the mediums to do what you want them to do, and trying to convey what’s in my head onto paper or the screen, but at the same time, I absolutely love it. I love to play with the mediums, to see what they can do, to use them to express myself, to bring out feelings and thoughts and express them in colours and shape. I really don’t think there are words to describe the creative process; it’s so much of the artwork itself that it might as well be the artwork. But it’s also being able to freely experiment, express and think beyond words. That freedom is very rewarding.

Does you relate to any of the characters you create?

Do I relate to any of the character that I create? In a way, yes and no. Like all artists and writers, I create characters and art from what I know, so bits and pieces of myself and my own experiences go into everything I create. However, none of my characters are me. Sure, they might have traits similar to me, but I have never thought of them as being me in a different form. It’s a lot like a mother, I think, and her children. I can emphasize and try to relate to what they’re going through, but they’re not me, so I can’t possibly fully relate. I try to, though; that’s part of the creative process, to make a character, bring them “to life” and then do your best to relate and express them.

What is your favourite art media?

My favorite art media? Well, I love painting and ink. I use acrylics and watercolour. I find that they’re very expressive mediums. With watercolour and ink, there’s a level of impulse and lack of control that I love, since I often will just let the paint and ink do what they want and work with what comes out of it. It gives me a lot of vivid bright colours that I love. With acrylics, I love using it to build up texture and using that to sort of make the work 3D and more expressive. For my comics though, digital. I love the blending effects and smooth colours, as well as the ease to correct mistakes.

Goals and dreams for the future?

I don’t really have any ambition for my artwork. Sure, I’d like to be recognized and do a lot more art, but most of my dreams is in my writing. Like most writers, I have the dream of being published, even being a bestseller, but it isn’t the reason why I write. I write to tell stories, which I hope to finish and to share. And then I hope that someone else likes reading them at least as much as I do.

What you like about KPAS?

I like the way that KPAS as always been welcoming and supportive. I like the vibrant, positive energy I feel from KPAS, that promises support, understanding and community. From the moment I approached KPAS, I have always been encouraged to try new things, provided me with new opportunities, and yet supported me when I reached my limits, never asking me to do things that I felt uncomfortable or unsafe doing. My needs and wants are always considered and I’ve been involved and participating with the process of my supports. I am included and my decisions respected. The staff that I met are consistently positive and have made me feel safe and secure. Each of them, I consider a friend. I consider each of my experiences with KPAS to be positive and rewarding.

Any upcoming events?

Unfortunately, I do not have any upcoming events. Given that my executive functioning is generally dysfunctional, I usually only plan for a couple events in the future at a time. Right now is a pretty busy family time for me, and for each event I attend, I consider transportation as well as how it could affect my coursework before agreeing to attend events. Right now, I don’t have anything planned, but I’m hoping that may change soon.

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