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>Not ever gonna sell my soul. Not even for an MB12 pop.

June 29, 2009

>”Kim: 500 mile drive home. Almost there. I need a MB12 pop! about 9 hours ago” Twitterfeed from AoA.

While I hope that the trip to Cleveland went well for Kim and her daughters, really, doesn’t it seem in poor taste to be hawking a sponsor’s wares in conjunction with letting folks know she and her family are on their way home? Doesn’t it seem somewhat dishonest at best? I mean, full disclosure would be to reveal how much that twitter just made her/AoA.

It isn’t necessary and it doesn’t reflect well on a group who likes to accuse others who disagree with them of being pharma shills. How is this any different? You’re still trying to sell and promote products, trying to profit off of desperate parents.

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