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>Why, yes, there are some ignorant comments flying around

June 3, 2009


Teresa Conrick, who feels for my students (see post on wonderful people at AoA), posted over at Huff, and I said this:

How nice to connect this identity with your AoA identity. We’ve tangoed before, did you know that? I am sure we will again, as well. Here’s to pleasant dancing, Theresa.

This set off another poster, who also has her own blog entry below:

“Well being there are some ignorant comments flying around….Why is it so interesting kwobles? Is your next step to harrass Theresa everywhere else including her personal life? I wouldn’t put it past any of you to use it against her. At least, and I mean at the very least she has the B***s to put her name on something she stands behind. She’s got more then I and the reason why is because I don’t trust any of you to have any personal information on me. So what’s your name then kwobles? So you have the b***s to put your name on something you stand behind? Good for Theresa!!!”

Serously, kwobles? Can people not read? Or do they think it’s clever?

Okay, no fresca at least, this time around. Just coffee. 🙂 Sometimes it’s too easy, you know.

My response:

Oh my, wow. I didn’t say interesting, I said nice. And my name is K. Wombles, as anyone who had the slightest bit of interest knows from looking at my profile, where I absolutely put it on the line. You really should try reading sometime, as I also put it all out over at AoA where I was roundly attacked and then censored. Do a little digging.Nice job there putting your identity on the line. 🙂

Now, this should be fun. Just remember, if you post here, it’s staying on, Rileysmom, in all its glory.

—Well over 24 hours later and Rileysmom has made no comments. Perhaps she’s just been too busy to get back on, right? Not because she’s eat crow or anything.

06/05 update. Apparently, Rileysmom is sans balls.


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