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>Testimonials and Pay-offs

June 2, 2009


Kim Stagliano is hawking OSR, one of the products offered by AoA’s sponsor: Lee Silsby. For $60 a month, you too can give your child this product. Oh, and you can also get them HBOT Prep Formula for $75.

Kim’s crediting OSR with radically helping her daughters improve, insisting nothing else was added or changed. Okay, but you continued doing all the other things you were doing, time passed, so your children experienced growth, but it had to be the OSR. Sure it did. It better have been at $180 a month for the three kids; it’s not like you didn’t have an intense psychological incentive to believe it was working, right, Kim?

Let’s argue for the moment that Kim is right and this product has made a profound difference for her daughters. Let’s just say that. Maybe it did. No clinical trials on it, right, so we really don’t know. The fact that this company sponsors AoA makes any testimonial immediately suspect.


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